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I'm a Diploma Graduates and Hello Bachelor :)

Convocation Ceremony 
November 28th, 2010

Everybody was way too excited in celebrating their graduation day and night but not me. :)
I'm not saying that I'm not excited or not appreciate my hard works for the past 3 years struggled. It just a scroll. I'm happy to have the knowledge but there's a long way to go still. I further my study, bachelor in Interpersonal Communication and i really love the course I'm in now. 

I always enjoyed my studies, for me there is nothing to be stress of when i was in my diploma level but now things seems a bit different. I became more matured and I started to take things seriously than before. The day on my convocation day was the Eye Opener for Myself where my Uni staff reminds and showed all of us there on how important and lucky we are in this world compete to the others who can't afford themselves to further their study and how lucky we are to be chosen but still most of us took it for granted.

  That moment make me realized that I should proud of it and not only that I managed to get 1 star for my certificate. The highest star rates was 3 stars so i got only 1 where is much better than none right? :) Now that i got a new target to achieve which is the 3 stars :) wish me luck okay: On my graduation day, my lovely Mother and my younger sister was there for me. Thanks to them. My dad wasn't around because of his duty but it is okay for me :). Like usual, Generally all of the graduates will hoping something from their parents and family members or even from their love ones will giving them a gifts on that special day but again I wasn't that typical type.

 I wasn't expecting any gifts given from my family members but surprisingly My Lovely mother surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers with a graduates bear in it.
Thanks Mom, I LOVE YOU.. I had so much fun on my convocation day and I'd experienced the nervousness of going up stage to take my scroll :-p .. There are lot of pictures i wanted to share but too bad I can't at this moment because I'm still waiting for my cousin to upload it in Fb. I have to wait for him because half of my pictures captured was using his DSLR, and another half with my brother camera where he forgot to give me the Usb connector, so i can't transfer those pictures yet :-(

Sorry I can't share it with u guys.. well don't forget to follow this blog by click on the follow button and do leave a comment kay :).. Ty

Suka HATI Je MemBinatangkan Orang!

Maka berpalinglah (hai Muhammad) dari mereka dan katakanlah:"Salam (selamat tinggal)".

Kelak mereka akan mengetahui (nasib mereka yang buruk). (QS. 43:89)


Ilmu utk dikongsi bersama. Sekadar peringatan untuk semua rakan-rakan muslim yang lain.

Kalo ada yang dengar radio ikim (91.50 fm). Ustaz Zawawi ada cerita tentang sunnah Rasulallah s.a.w. Antara yang dibincangkannya ialah tentang bab cara memberi salam.

Menurut ustaz Zawawi Yusof, Baginda SAW memberi salam dengan lafaz “Assalamualaikum” dan menjawab salam dari para sahabat baginda dengan salam yang lengkap iaitu “Waalaikumussalam warahmatulallahhi wabarakatuh”

Ringkasnya, baginda SAW akan ;Beri salam dengan ucapan - “Assalamualaikum”

dan…Jawab salam - “Waalaikumussalam warahmatulallahi wabarakatuh”

Lagi satu, perlu diingatkan juga semasa menjawab salam,

saya dengar ramai orang jawab salam dengan ucapan yang tidak tepat.

Jawab salam yang betul ialah ;

“WAALAI KUMUS SALAM”dan bukannya yang selalu saya dengar iaitu ;


Apabila kita ingin berkirim salam pada orang lain, hendaklah kita berkata

“Kirim salam, assalamualaikum pada ZIZAH ye” contoh lerr…

Dan bukannya : “Kirim salam kat ZIZAH yer”

Dan jangan pula memandai-mandai tambah perkataan seperti ” Ko tolong kirim salam maut kat dia yer“.

Statement ini walaupun dalam nada bergurau, tapi ia adalah menyalahi syariat dan berdosa, walaupun sekadar gurauan!

Selain itu, janganlah kita menggantikan perkataan “Assalamualaikum” dengan “A’kum” dalam sms atau apa sekalipun melalui tulisan.

Jika perkataan “Assalamualaikum” itu panjang, maka hendaklah kita ganti dengan perkataan “As Salam” yang membawa maksud sama dengan “Assalamualaikum”.

Sesama lah kita memberitahu member-member yang selalu sangat guna shortform “A’kum” dalam sms ataupun email. Perkataan ‘AKUM‘ adalah gelaran untuk orang-orang Yahudi untuk orang-orang bukan yahudi yang bermaksud ‘BINATANG‘ dalam Bahasa Ibrani.

Ia singkatan daripada perkataan ‘Avde Kokhavim U Mazzalot’ yang bermaksud ‘HAMBA-HAMBA BINATANG DAN ORANG-ORANG SESAT‘.

Jadi, mulai sekarang jika ada orang hantar shortform “A’kum“, kita ingatkan dia guna “As Salam” kerana salam ialah dari perkataan “Assalamualaikum“.

Sekian, semoga ada manfaatnya.

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Komen2 la.. & follow this blog okay :)