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Tsunami - Japan

The cold wind blow bring along a sad story of Japan. There is non stop raining in here, Terengganu. 

On 11 MARCH 2011
Car, ship and house are swept by a wall of water after the 8.9 - magnitude tremor, which struck about 400km north-east of Tokyo.Strong waves hit Japan's Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, damaging dozen of coastal communities.The earthquake and tsunami was form 4000 KM from north-Sabah. 

Ak yang duduk kat Terengganu mula gerun, ye la.. Panas sepanjang minggu ttbe je hujan lebat gila.. Tgk news  kul 8pm, Tsunami kat Jepun. Angin kencang bawa satu berita tapi kita xtau berita tu apa. Keadaan makin lama makin teruk. Polis da mula buat rondaan kat semua pantai Terengganu, dan mengerahkan semua orang jauh dari pantai. 

Tapi ad segelintir pihak, wat lawak lak dgn bencana ni. Nak bergurau pun agak2 la.. Kalo la family korang yg kena apa korang rasa. Karikatur kat surat khabar menganjing Jepun. Come on la, tak pihak atasan x check or tapis dlu before publish. dalam fb n twitter comment ala sinis tu mmg banyak la, " Mane Ultraman, Naruto, n etc?". "Ni la balasan orang Jepun tuk Malaysia".  Ngok tul.

We are lucky and thankful to ALLAH that we are protected from any disaster yg negara laen hadapi. Kedudukan Malaysia di atas garisan Khatulistiwa membuatkan kita selamat. Tapi kalu ALLAH kata jadi, maka jadi la gak.

P/S : Pray for Japan. 

OVARIAN CYSTS! Oh No! saya x nk ini terjadi!!

What Is An Ovarian Cyst?


An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac in or on the ovary. Many ovarian cysts are noncancerous cysts that occur as a result of ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary). These are called functional cysts. Functional cysts normally shrink on their own over time, usually in about 1 to 3 months. Often functional cysts do not cause any symptoms (you may not even know you have one), but other times they can cause abdominal pain, menstrual irregularities, nausea and vomiting. If you have a functional cyst, your doctor may want to check you again in 1 to 3 months to make sure the cyst has gotten smaller. If you develop functional cysts often, your doctor may want you to take birth control pills so you won't ovulate. If you don't ovulate, you won't form functional cysts.
If you do have a cyst, your doctor will probably want you to have a sonogram so he or she can look at the cyst. What your doctor decides to do after that depends on your age, the way the cyst looks on the sonogram and if you're having symptoms such as pain, bloating, feeling full after eating just a little, and constipation.
f you are menopausal and are not having periods, you shouldn't form functional cysts, but it is possible for you to form other types of ovarian cysts. You should call your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms of an ovarian cyst.

What Is A Sonogram?


A sonogram uses sound waves to make pictures of organs in the body. It's a good way for your doctor to look at your ovaries. This kind of sonogram can be done 2 ways, either through your abdomen or your vagina. Neither type is painful. The sonogram usually lasts about 30 minutes. It will give your doctor valuable information about the size and the appearance of your cyst.

Are There Any Other Tests I Might Have?

Your doctor might test the level of a protein called CA-125 in your blood. Sometimes this blood test is done in women with an ovarian cyst to see if their cyst could be cancerous. A normal CA-125 level is less than 35. However, this test is not always an accurate way to tell if a woman has ovarian cancer. For example, some women who do have ovarian cancer have a normal CA-125 level. Also, this level can sometimes be high in women who do not have cancer, particularly if they are in their childbearing years. For these reasons, the CA-125 blood test is usually only recommended for women who are at high risk for ovarian cancer.

Do I Need Surgery For An Ovarian Cyst?

The answer depends on several things, such as your age, whether you are having periods, the size of the cyst, its appearance and your symptoms.
If you're having periods, only mild symptoms and the cyst is functional, you probably won't need to have surgery. If the cyst doesn't go away after several menstrual periods, if it gets larger or if it doesn't look like a functional cyst on the sonogram, your doctor may want you to have an operation to remove it. There are many different types of ovarian cysts in women of childbearing age that do require surgery. Fortunately, cysts in women of this age are almost always benign (noncancerous).
If you're past menopause and have an ovarian cyst, your doctor will probably want you to have surgery. Ovarian cancer is rare, but women 50 to 70 years of age are at greater risk. Women who are diagnosed at an early stage do much better than women who are diagnosed later.

What Type Of Surgery Would I Need?

If the cyst is small (about the size of a plum or smaller) and if it looks benign on the sonogram, your doctor may decide to do a laparoscopy. This type of surgery is done with a lighted instrument called a laparoscope that's like a slender telescope. This is put into your abdomen through a small incision (cut) just above or just below your navel (belly button). With the laparoscope, your doctor can see your organs. Often the cyst can be removed through small incisions at the pubic hair line.

If the cyst looks too big to remove with the laparoscope or if it looks suspicious in any way, your doctor will probably do a laparotomy. A laparotomy uses a bigger incision to remove the cyst or possibly the entire affected ovary and fallopian tube. While you are under general anesthesia (which puts you in a sleep-like state) the cyst can be tested to find out if it is cancer. If it is cancer, your doctor may need to remove both of the ovaries, the uterus, a fold of fatty tissue called the omentum and some lymph nodes. It's very important that you talk to your doctor about all of this before the surgery. Your doctor will also talk to you about the risks of each kind of surgery, how long you are likely to be in the hospital and how long it will be before you can go back to your normal activities.
Copyright (c) 2000-2008 by the American Academy of Family Physicians

Ps//: sakit perut kat bahagian ovari tu kene make sure sakit sbb ape? pas tu kalo period tergangu di ikuti sakit kat bhgn ovari better check k.. jgn bl worst baru la nk pegi.. kalou da teruk sangat, that infected ovary selalunya terpaksa d buang.. 
                                                                                cyst belum buang

                       this is the result


Others third languages class started on 1030 am but mine 1130? man! 1 hour to wait! but it is okay though, im in the class with no lecturer and students in it. hehe they let me fill in this time with chatting and blogging. It's been quite a while that i haven't write anything kn? well being a Mass Comm students will always keep you busy.I don't know how's life of my other friends from other fields but one thing for sure so far major in Interpersonal Communication Studies has been a hell for every weeks! But it is cool.. I can still deal with it.
Tadi class pagi2 Subuh is Writting for PR. Nasib die x soh wat assingment anto time tu gak.. kalo x aku terkejar2 masa nak siap kan Psychology nye assingment.Wa da siap kan tp tetibe dorang leh cakap madam nk 7-8 pages at least, I nye lak baru 5 pages. I thought nak anta today sbb nnt leh wat assingment yg lain lak.. Submission date is tomorrow on 10th March 2011.
ak ala hangin lak ai aku kat abg poyo yg jage kelas ni.. tau la awak mmg kene wat keje awak tp relax sudah. ade ke patut die nk kunci kelas aku ni sbb kate kene daftar kelas dulu! nasib office kat sebelah je! da mmg kelas ni kita da registered for Arab class kot. cume klass start lambat sket je r.. apa daa..
Luckily there was one handsome guy who assisted me at theoffice kalo x hangin wa dgn lu mat!.. k, it is okay i do understand that you need to do your work but no need to be that hostile Man!

Aku Mimpi D Bela dari d hina oleh Lelaki last night and Pg ni it's A Women's Day

Wah.. I dreamt about IKhsan stand for me in front of the public last night, and when i woke up my friends posted on my wall wished me Happy Women's Day.. So the dream that i had last night told me something and it was not just a dream!
AWESOME man! And the best part was where all of the ladies are crazy for him and the guys adored him.
i tried hard to recalled back the speech given by him in front of the public was about "we" the guys should protect the Women and love them as what had been created by ALLAH. We have the responsibility and task given by ALLAH for women is where not to bring a harm and mayhem them. And last but not least of his speech was he begged those guys especially that not to mayhem his wife which is me, and other women because he love me and his mother so much with the tears dropped.
SO? Hebat nya Kuasa ALLAH S.W.T sbb hadir kan mimpi tersebut melalui kekuasaanNya dengan menyampai kan berita bahawa hari ini adalah hari anda para Wanita.. memang tiada dalam Al-Quran dan Hadith tentang menyambut hari Wanita ini tetapi Ilham itu dtg nyadr ALLAH dan ianaya di berikan kepada sesiapa shaja tanpa mengira agama, bangsa, ilmu serta umurnya..
SO g la call ibu2 anda sekalian! wish them a great Women's Day and they are the greatest mother for you  no matter who they are, no matter what they are and no matter how much hurtful you felt caused by them because if you think it is painful for you,more or  less vice versa for them..
kalo korang nak faham sket citer ni korang bace la kat
okay.. :-)

Good Morning Guys, I had a Dream about u Guys Last Night :-)


I have no class today, don't know what to do.. nak g bilik Pn. Rahani for getting a little bit of information more on staff team building last year. the purpose of it is to cover on my faculty staff activity in order to be publish in faculty magazine, Comm Up Date.
eh excited nak citer, mlm td mimpi my fellow class mates and with my lovely ikhsan. yang kelakar and sedih gak la citer ni bila mimpi bdk kelas aku Nick Yasier leh wat bodo and being rude with me.. Tah pe masalah mamat tu pon aku x tau, aku mintak stepler kat die patu die le wat bodo org mintak byk kali da masa tu patu die campak je kat aku and then die ckp pon tengking2..  Da la masa tu dia dok belah Che Nur.Che Nur pun cam de masalah je.. entahla sedih je mimpi tu, patu masa Nick dok bising2 Ikhsan de kat sebelah I Thought die x dgr la tetibe die bangun and tumbuk Nick??
  Nick YAsier mamat kat blakang tuh yg tunjuk peace tu..
Terkujat beruk sehh aku, aku da nangis da soh stop sbb takut and x suke gado2 ni.. First ye la dlm citer tu nick was not supposed to be like that sbb i don't have any problem with him so knp nk cam tu kn?
patu Ikhsan ada bg speech tok statemnet yg xle wat camtu kat wife die? siapa wife die? aku la.. Of Course..
Patu Ikhsan menangis sambil ckp tu patu semua org menangis and rase sebersalah, patu sekumpulan Guys lari and peluk die cakap die sgt baik hati and they are sorry for the misbehaviour. lelaki2 tu sume nye konon nk back up Nick tp x jd.. 
Patu tetibe masuk part agak pelik and kelakar la kan d mana our Uni VC, Dr. Sahol was there and suruh I and Ikhsan dok kat 1 kerusi special yg menunjukkan kami pasangan yg d gemari and d contohi.
hahha masa tu laki aku bdk2 ppn semua adored him.. Semak! 
Patu Dr.Sahol soh carik pintu rahsia kalo betul kami hebat, sekejap je aku dapat carik kat pintu and tingkap2 tu ada kalimah2 ALLAH sebagai ukirannya.. HEbat..
ni ukiran kat pintu

tapi dalam mimpi tu gambar die lagi lain x tau camne nk gambar kan. ade sikit2 cam dalam gbr atas ni la..
Aku selalu gak mimpi jumpa barang2 zaman Rasulullah S.A.W.  yg d gunakan dalam peperangan.. Maksud nye ape?

RINDU NYE............ meh nk cite.. nk cite.

la sedar x sedar da 2011 and nothing from us so far? nadia very busy with studies while ikhsan busy with his work.. maklom la bakal jadi bapak kan? hehehe.. sekarang po da ngantok gilak!

k la just nak citer apa yg di lalui berbulan lepas, jwpn dia xde.. :-p
lets talk about recently kay.. hari ni de kelas Media Law d mana de debate on F.O.S (freedom of speech) issue yg d bentang kan.. keadaan sgt menegang kan diri nya pun.. very fun to see all kind of attitudes and behaviour displayed by them while debating.. yg kami dlm klas sbgai YB wakil adun stp tpt wat kecoh!
ade yg sehingga terlupa akan rasional nya semata2 tok megejar pe yg mereka rase tok sokong bhgn pihak or party masing2.. well of course la the opponents and the Gov kan.. 
patu pelbagai persoalan timbul kat dlm Malaysia ni, patut kah kebolehan bebas bersuara itu di berikan 100%? or the government do really need to limited the freedom of speech? well the answer is both IMO..
kita x boleh terlampau bebas bersuara demi mengekal kan keharmonian negara tetapi GOV gak x perlu la terlampau limit kannya sehingga d salah guna kuasa semata2 untuk menutup kesalahan sesuatu pihak yg terlibat seperti yg d lapor kan tu.. Setiap yg memegang kuasa di mana "The Greatest Power comes with Greatest Responsibilities" perlu la betul2 implement it sebagaimana yg d perkata kan.. ingat akan nilai etika yg patut ade pada setiap pemimpin dalam ape organisasi pon kay.. 
so maleh nk cito lobih, jom tgk pictures dr debates yg telah d adakan :-)
debates on Data Protection Act
barisan yg bertanding.. i Lawan dgn iqa(short hair cut) tasya(next iqa) and aja (next tasya) 
these are my super great team members. Pro Gov!
sebelum start mesti la doa dulu kan.. kaf ba ra kaf ta alif nun.. "keberkatan"
yeah! tersenyum sebab pihak lawan bagi fakta, contoh serta point yg salah wat aku senang nk bidas :-)
so nk tgk pihak lawan yg tegang..? nnt2 la.. mase ni pon menegang kan diri nya pun.. Haddoi!
jeng3! mata dok melilau ke kawasan d mn YB2 yg lain dok.. bg nk dorang sume pon faham..
so de pe2 komen or nk tau pe2 sedikit sebanyak sal issue2 ni leh r.. tgl kn komen anda k..