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Happy Merdeka Raya.

My Big Family
Well, Well, Well.Who knows this will be our special Hari Raya because we celebrated 2 important events together this year.Hemm my raya theme with family for this year is Purple & Grey colours.While my hubby and me is White.For the first day of Hari Raya, all of the Muslims will start the early morning with Raya Prayer and then continue the day with seeking the forgiveness from our Love Ones: parents, siblings then with neighbor and friends.

But~ Our family style is quite different, hehehe :) where we start our forgiveness sessions in the evening. Well this is because we had to complete all of the family members first.Then things more different for me in this Raya year because my family visited Ikhsan's house and family for the first time on 2nd day of Hari Raya.

Unfortunately, Ikhsan and me forgot to take our families moment, because we enjoyed the day too much.(lupa diri plak) :) That night we had fireworks that make the day more special. (cam merdeka celebration plak)
Letih layan anak buah
Then on the 3rd day of Hari Raya, my family had a family photo shoot. And of course Ikhsan's was there too that night, we had barbecue, spaghetti and many more. After dinner we started the photo shoot session.
The first person who started to take photo's while the others was busy with their hair done, make up and whatever it is, me and Ikhsan busy with out door photo shoot. hehehe

Kejap cam kurus.. entahlah
 So I think this is all that i can share with you guys for now, and maybe you can have some from Nurikhsan to share his Hari Raya.. - Nadia